Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lahontan Valley Wildlife and Bird Sightings

Lahontan Valley Wildlife and Bird Update October 2016:

Carson Lake and Pasture: water near caretaker cabin. Duck hunting is open, fee to enter.

Tribal Wetlands off NV116 at Agency Rd: all cells are full, good variety of waders, waterfowl, raptors. Waterfowl season open to tribal members, weekdays are best for viewing.

Stillwater NWR:  driving tour route open, shallow water in Foxtail Lake near pavilion. Goose Lake, South Nutgrass hunt units north of Division Road are currently open for waterfowl season, all boats allowed in each.

The refuge sanctuary along the Foxtail Lake driving tour route is holding the most birds, however they may not be visible without a scope or binoculars. Enter the route across from the Stillwater Pt. parking area, about 1/2 mile from the refuge information kiosk. 

This one-way road is about 6.5 miles long, and exits onto Hunter Road, which is the main north/south refuge public access road.  

Mid-way along the tour route is a covered pavilion, accessible tables, restroom, boardwalk, and viewing platforms. A wildlife viewing blind is located on the West shore of the first pond,  about 1/4 mile west of the pavilion; parking is next to the road, and an easy 200yd path leads to the blind. Bring a chair and rag to dust off webs and wasps!

As you drive north on Hunter Road, turn into the Tule Trail parking area off Hunter Road where a small viewing pond sits in front of the bench. Further north on Hunter Road, turn right on Division Rd, small ponds to south. Hunt units also open for viewing north of Division or from Navy Cabin Road; weekdays are better for viewing with less hunting pressure.

October 2016 sightings on the refuge included the following:
(8am -11am; 60F air temp, SW breeze, clear)  

Full refuge bird survey available on the Stillwater NWR website, Birders Corner.

BIRDS: Heron
Ducks - Gadwall, Redhead, Pintail, Mallard, Teal, Ruddy, Northern Shoveler,
American Coot
American White Pelicans
Canada Goose

Common Raven
Loggerhead Shrike
Hawks - Harrier, Red-tail, Rough-legged


MAMMALS: Coyote 
Black-tailed Jackrabbit
Cottontail rabbit
White-tailed Antelope Ground squirrel