Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Recent Stillwater Sightings

Birders Update July 14 2012:
Stillwater NWR: no White-tailed Kite (as seen by refuge biologist in July);

I did see 3 Western Sandpipers,
at least 6 Loggerhead Shrikes,
also several Northern Mockingbirds,
a couple of Swainson's Hawks flying overhead,
lots of White-faced Ibis,
Great Egrets,
Great Blue Herons,
and Snowy Egrets;
a fair number of Eared Grebes,
and Ruddy Duck, several with young;
a couple of Greater Yellowlegs,
Virginia Rails,
Pied-billed Grebes,
Clark's Grebe (with young)
and Black-crowned Night Herons;
several American White Pelicans;
and one very charming Short-eared Owl who posed not far from the road.

Shared by Meg Andrews of Reno, NV